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SKU: 01-700
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Product DetailsThis is a true classic. The STURMGEWEHR was the first successful assault rifle developed to fire intermediate cartridges and was introduced during WWII. This revolutionary design served as the inspiration for the most popular gun design in history - the AK 47. Our reproduction is nearly identical to the original. It looks feels, weighs and operates just like the original, but cannot be converted to fire real ammo. This is one of the most accurate and realistic replicas available in the world today and is offered only by Collector's Armoury.Features Length:36.5", Weight 9.9 lbs NOTE; WE DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS, OR CANADA, ONLY THE CONTINENTAL USA. WE DO NOT SHIP TO LOS ANGELES, CA, NEW YORK CITY, STATE OF MA., OR KS., OR MO. THERE MAY ME LOCAL OR OTHER LAWS IN YOUR STATE THEY MAY PROHIBIT THE PURCHASE OF THIS ITEM. WE DO NOT SELL TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21, YOU ARE CERTIFYING SUCH WHEN PURCHASES, AN ADULT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED WHEN DELIVERED.

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